The hike Mount Fitz Roy is absolutely my favorite hike in Patagonia. In this article, I explain to you all the trials that go to Mount Fitz Roy and Laguna de los Tres, and what the expect during your hike. A beautiful trail starting from El Chaltén Argentina.

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The Hike to Mount Fitz Roy

The trekking to Mount Fitz Roy starts in the little town El Chaltén. The nearest bigger city is El Calafate—also, the city where you can arrive by plane.

The trial is around 10 km (6.2 miles) long one-way and takes you around 4 hours. Doing the trekking in one day is possible and that takes you around 9 hours.

Where the trekking starts

The trial starts on the edge of El Chaltén or near the Patagonia Eco Domes and Hostería El Pilar. Both trials are beautiful and end at Mount Fitz Roy. If you want to start from Hostería El Pilar, take into account that you need to drive there. The road is not in the best condition. Of course, the easiest way is to start from El Chaltén.

How long is the hike to Fitz Roy?

One-way the hike to Mount Fitz Roy and Laguna de los Tres takes you around 4-5 hours. Last time I did the hike in 4 hours up and 4 hours down. There is an elevation of around 620 meters.
The trial is located in the national Park Los Glaciares. The access is free and on the way to the top, there is a campsite Poincenot.
Hike Mount Fitz Roy Laguna de los Tres
Stunning view on Mount Fitz Roy

Weather condition

It’s important that you do the hike to Mount Fitz Roy when the weather forecast is good. I suggest to don’t starting the hike when it’s too windy or rain is forecasted. The weather can rapidly change too.  This is the link to the National Weather Institute of Argentina – SMN. The predictions that they made are pretty accurate for the day itself.

How is the trial?

The trial is actually in good condition. The walking path is clear and the signs are well-placed along the path. Of course, good walking shoes are necessary. You can fill your water bottles from the rivers that are located near the path.

Where to stay near the start

As there are two points to start the trekking, you can stay in El Chaltén or near the entrance of Sandero El Pilar. El Chaltén has the benefit that there are some restaurants and small supermarkets nearby.

Pudu Lodge

Pudu Lodge is located very close to the start of the trial. Just a couple of meters away. Breakfast is included in the booking. It is a cozy place to stay and come to rest after the hike.

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Pudu Lodge El Chalten

Hosteria Senderos

Hosteria Senderosis a very cozy and charming place to stay. All in wood and warm feeling. Located at the entrance of El Chaltén, so it a bit further from the path to Mount Fitz Roy. Breakfast is also included.

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Hosteria Sanderos El Chalten

Patagonia Eco Domes

Starting from the trial El Pilar, there is Patagonia Eco Domes. One of the most iconic stays near Mount Fitz Roy. Beautiful views but pretty cold during the night 😀

A stay at the domes gives you that extra experience to your stay in El Chaltén.

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Patagonia Eco Domes

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