Probably you already know that Ushuaia is the most southern city in the world. Besides that fact its also one of the most touristic destinations in Argentina. Mostly known as a harbor for the cruises to Antarctica. What things to do in Ushuaia?

What are the tourist places and what should you definitely do in Ushuaia?

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Things to do in Ushuaia

Tourism is a big income for local residents of Ushuaia. Thousands of cruise passengers that arrive every year and not to mention the national and international tourism that arrives from inside the country. You have a wide choice of things to do in Ushuaia. Let’s find out what to do at the top of the world.

Beagle channel boat tour

The first thing you will notice upon arrival in Ushuaia is the beautiful blue strait connection, the Beagle Channel. The channel is named after the HMS Beagle that was on marine navigation around 1826.

The harbor is located on the banks of the city. Also, the only port where the cruises and boat tours depart. The harbor is a 5-minute walk from the city center.

There is a wide range of boat tours with different types of excursions. Almost all excursions sail to the iconic fire doors (Faro Les Eclaireurs) in the Beagle Channel and from there they sail on to Isla Martillo, Estancia Haberton, or Isla de Los Pájaros.

If you want to see sea lions, look out for the tour with the mention “Lobos”. It is also always nice to book a boat tour where it is possible to take a walk on one of the small islands in the Beagle channel.

In addition, you also have the choice of cruising around in a catamaran or rather in a smaller boat with fewer passengers. The latter has a slightly more personal experience.

Boat Tour Beagle Channel Ushuaia
Boat tour stand in front of the Ushuaia port

Glacier Martial

One of our favorite hikes in Ushuaia and certainly at the top of our “things to do in Ushuaia” list.

Glacier Martial is located just above the north of the city. You can reach the starting point on foot, but then you are still on the road for an hour. From the city, you can easily take a taxi to the starting point.

The hike to Glacier Martial takes about 2 hours only. You walk back via the same hiking trail. In the spring you may even have to walk in snow from a certain height.

The glacier shrinks considerably in the surface during the summer and especially in the autumn, you can walk all the way to the top without snow on the path.

At the starting point of the walk, there is a small inn where you can have a drink.

Glaciar Martial hike Ushuaia
Glaciar Martial in Autumn

National park Tierra del Fuego

12 kilometers (7.45 miles) from the city center is the Tierra del Feugo National Park. It occupies an enormous area of 630 square kilometers. At the beginning of the park, you can take a train “Tren del Fin del Mundo”. On the train, you will have a view of the snowy peaks of the Andes Mountains and the vast blue lakes.

Tierra del Fuego National Park is known for its fauna and flora. Albatrosses, kelp geese, oystercatchers, mountain brook ducks, and more. There are several walks possible and one that takes you to the border with Chile.

To get there you need a transfer or a rental car. You can easily transfer (taxi or bus) and rental car companies in the city center of Ushuaia.

Eating King crab

Now to the culinary aspect of our “things to do in Ushuaia” list.

The region is known for its king crab. Many families are active in fishing for this delicacy. Of course, you can also eat king crab in Ushuaia, and that at an attractive price.

You will notice that in the main street of the city several restaurants offer king crab, but the price can vary from place to place. We were looking for a restaurant where you can call the king crab in its entirety: centolla natural (pronounced as “sen-to-sj-a).

Our favorite is … Making a reservation is not possible. It’s worth waiting a moment   🙂

Renting a car

The beauty of Tierra del Fuego is best discovered in complete freedom. We are not lying when we say that Ushuaia is a tourist destination, but just discovering the untouched nature is one of the assets of the area.

We recommend renting a car and taking the route North. Stop at locations that you find beautiful and discover how quiet it is there. You can also continue by car to Estancia Haberton. Tierra del Fuego also has many small lakes that are somewhat higher in the mountains. A must for the adventurers among us.


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