What is the current situation in Patagonia? Are cases in decrease and how is Patagonia preparing itself to resume tourist activities. For a long time, Patagonia had been spared many infections. But unfortunately, the numbers are increasing again. And this exactly in places where most tourist activities take place.

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The current situation

Chile had a hard time at the beginning of the health crisis. But now we can say that the curve is decreasing with local flare-ups. We see an increase recently around the region of Puerto Montt. The situation around Punta Arenas continues to be closely monitored. Open the map of Chile.

Argentina is not immediately the best student in the class. However, there has been a “strict” lockdown since March. We can therefore question the approach.

In Argentinian Patagonia, we have seen sharp increases around Bariloche and Ushuaia in recent times. Also, the region around El Calafate is precarious again. Open the map of Argentina.

Unfortunately, these are precisely the places you want to go to as a tourist.

Patagonia travel restrictions

The borders of Chile are open but all persons entering Chile need to follow a strict 10-day quarantine.

Argentina’s borders are closed to all foreigners until February 28th, 2021. There are exceptions for spouses, children of Argentinians, and other direct connections with an Argentinian.

Resume of tourist activities

In Chile, the tourism sector is preparing for a safe start-up by March 2021. After contact with various local providers, we can determine that this date is feasible.

On the other side, in Argentina they want to boost national tourism in December – January. The government makes it clear that they are prioritizing domestic tourism rather than receiving international tourists. We also think March 2021 is a viable option here.


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